Work with us!

IRALR invites internship applications from law students who are interested to research in the contemporary fields of law. Our Internship program aims to provide an enriching learning and research experience to the students of law. IRALR invites and entertains internship applications from students from any year of study and all institutions. Selections is solely based on the merits, researching and writing skills of an applicant.

We invite internship applications for a minimum period of four weeks, as per the availability of the applicant during the month of July-August. The internship period may be further extended as per the quality of work of the intern and his or her availability at the request of the intern.


Interested students are requested to fill the below given google form with their updated CV along with a Statement of Purpose along with a writing sample of about 1000-1500 words (published or unpublished) in a word document.

Application Form-

Note - For those applicants who have previously applied to IRALR for internship opportunities, the same are requested to fill the form again as a continued expression of interest.

Looking forward to Work with you!!

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