1st IRALR Article Writing Competition


The Indian Review of Advanced Legal Research (IRALR) is a student-run initiative, aimed to act as a platform for promoting

quality legal research and writing on a variety of legal issues among the budding legal minds of India. 

The Indian Review of Advanced Legal Research (IRALR) in its endeavour to promote legal writing among law students is hosting the 1st IRALR Article Writing Competition. The students by participating in this competition will get a chance to deliberate and elucidate on various contemporary legal issues along with an opportunity to get cash prizes and other interesting opportunities for internship and publication. This competition will act as an opportunity for all those young and ambitious law students who aspire to sharpen their legal research and writing skills.

1st IRALR Article Writing Competition



  1. Winner – Rs. 1500

  2. First Runner-up – Rs. 1000

  3. Second Runner-up – Rs. 500

  4. Top 15 entries will be given a Certificate of Merit.

  5. Top 15 entries will be published on The IRALR Blog.

  6. The authors of selected entries depending upon the quality of writing may be offered an internship at IRALR at the discretion of the Editorial Board

  7. All the participants would be given a certificate of participation.


Yet to be Published!! Stay Updated

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